“The team show an
impressive level
of determination
to succeed with
every young person
we refer to them,
offering them care,
support and a
highly imaginative
range of activities.”

Nigel Morley,
Principal Special Needs Officer,
Fareham and Gosport.

About us

Releasing Potential is a charity based in Havant which was  set up to help young people who are not succeeding in mainstream education. Our initial purpose was to help students engage with education and lead constructive lives, and this remains a key element of our work. Since the early days our offer has grown, and now includes a range of activities for young people of all backgrounds, for families and for professionals working in the outdoor industry and/or with challenging behaviour. 

Every project we deliver is tailored to fit with the requirements of the person, or group and referring agencies. We value partnership working and focus on building shared goals and a clear vision for each project. If you have an idea you think we might be able to help with do get in touch.

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