“The ‘Graduation’
ceremony at the
conclusion of each
course is extremely
powerful in terms of
raising the pupils’
self-esteem, creating
better relationships
between the
pupils’ and their
respective schools
and fostering better
relationships with
their parents. The
ceremony itself is
hugely impressive
to observe!”

Aileen Aitken
Acting Area Head
The Links College (South)

How We Work

In all the work we do we are:

  • Individually focused: each student is treated as an individual. 
  • Challenging: students are challenged about their thinking and behaviour
  • Flexible: our courses are flexible so we can meet the specific needs of each of our customers 

Through a process of observation, reflection and challenge we enable students to see the results of their thinking and behaviour. We give them the opportunity to make better choices with better results for all.



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