Engage is a full time small specialist provision for students who are emotionally vulnerable or have emotional and behavioural difficulties. These students are not engaging with education in mainstream schools and need a different approach.

The objective of Engage is to enable students to engage with education so they reach school leaving age with social and educational skills to lead constructive lives and have the opportunity to access employment and further training.

  • The students follow a practical and interesting programme of learning that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil whilst engaging the whole group in whole group learning. 
  • Engage is organised in small groups of pupils.  At most there would be five pupils in a group. 
  • Within the group the students will work with a number of different staff depending on the topic. 
  • Each group is lead by a tutor who has responsibility for the emotional  and practical needs of the students
  • We deliver Engage at both of our sites: Havant  and Chichester.


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