Activation supports young people  who are struggling with education by offering a the chance to develop personally and as part of a group. Activation engages young people in learning, working towards re-engagement with education through a combination of one to one work and a group activity programme.

Group Work Objectives

Through group work outdoor activities and some sessions on diet, health and relationships, the programme achieves the following targets:

  •  Enables young people to grow in self-esteem by learning new skills, achieving awards and working as part of a team in small group settings.
  • Builds self-confidence in new and unfamiliar situations and challenges personal barriers to learning.
  • Develops personal and social interaction skills through building relationships, developing communication skills, trusting, supporting and encouraging others as well as dealing with anger and improving emotional management.
  • Re-engages students in learning, promoting and encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle.

One to One Session Objectives

Each young person has regular one to one sessions to allow for additional personal support. These are focused on encouraging the young people to think about their life style choices, challenging the current barriers effecting engagement in Education, focusing on positives and encouraging participation in further positive activities.

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